Enhance your business’s capabilities with the highly effective in-store pickup and local delivery application designed for Shopify.

Fits just right for businesses, whether big or small

Find out how we support thousands of merchants in selling more each and every day.

Fully scalable, customisable and feature loaded

Order management

Easily check which orders need to be prepared for specific days or outlet.

Multiple Locations

Manage unlimited locations from shopify or custom created locations

Shopify POS integration

Effectively view/control, and plan your in-store pickup and delivery orders.

Rate by Delivery Type

This unique features customises delivery rates on checkout page based on delivery type

AI Route Optimisation *

Create AI assisted route upto 100 stops with time estimation and track the real time updates.

Date and Time picker

Mark individual products as only available for pickup, delivery or shipping.

Preparation Time

Fine-tune preparation time granularity down to minute intervals, allowing customers to choose their delivery slots.

Theme Extensions

Plug and play theme extension to enable customer to choose local delivery or store pickup at specific time

Whatsapp Integration

One click Integration with whatsapp for notifications and real time order tracking for customers

Order tagging

Fine-tune preparation time granularity down to minute intervals, allowing customers to choose their delivery slots.

Order limiting

Add order limits to each outlets to handle number of orders each location can process

Blackout Dates

Add Blackout dates per outlet incase of any holiday or vacation to avoid delays


Our partnerships with the industry’s leading players ensure a smooth and automated compatibility for you.

Local delivery app provides end-to-end delivery solutions for all small and big store owners on Shopify. Fully featured, customisable, and ideal whether you have one shipping location or thousands. Whether you’re new to or already into local delivery, quick onboarding allows store owners to get up and running in minutes. Local delivery syncs all new orders in real time and fetches historical orders in no time.

  • Real Time sync of new orders and Historical order sync.
  • Easy onboarding along with role-based user management and user activity logs.
  • Customisable Notifications, Delivery Feedbacks and Proof of delivery.
  • Display promotions and offers on the customer order tracking page.

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